The Sea Bean Project

Have you ever come up with a plan that seemed so simple and obvious but ended up slightly more complicated? That would be the Sea Bean in a nutshell. The Sea Bean is a 1970 Ericson 32 sailboat. When I bought her (or really traded an old car for her), she was in a complete chaotic mess. I wondered and wondered how anyone could live in such a disheveled state (the previous owner had been living aboard with his girlfriend and three year old daughter). As I started cleaning and pulling out the junk, it became apparent that the mess was probably left there intentionally so that potential buyers wouldn’t realize how many things were wrong with her.

None of the drains worked, there was no working toilet, the galley wasn’t even remotely usable as a galley… The list goes on and on.

Slowly but surely, my dad and I are getting everything straightened back out again in hopes of one day sailing her around the area, gathering fodder for my future books in the process. Most of my books thus far have involved the main characters on sailboats at some point. I’m not resisting my urge to write stories about sailing, since there is so much fun and adventure to be had on boats in general, but I figured that if I’m going to keep writing about boats, it would probably be a good idea to actually have a boat.

The Sea Bean Project will document our progress and at the very least provide a little bit of entertainment. Maybe it will even inspire you to embark on your own adventures in the process. Stay tuned for more…