Abbie and Lane’s Galveston

My assumption is that many of the people who stumble upon my blog or my book have never been to Galveston, Texas. As a native Texan who grew up going to the beach in Galveston every summer, I feel like if you haven’t been to Galveston, you are really missing out. The Texas coast is downstream from the Mississippi River delta, and as a result, a lot of the silt coming down from the Mississippi ends up in our water, making it kind of ugly in comparison to places like Florida and the Caribbean, but Galveston’s charm doesn’t have anything to do with the clarity of its water.

Galveston is an amazing place to live or visit. It was once called the New York of the South, and for good reason. In the early days, it was bigger and more important than nearby Houston. It was a major hub for shipping and immigration alike. We even had pirates!

Away Away is a fictional story, but many of the places described in it are real. So I decided to dedicate a page on this website to the Galveston that Abbie and Lane call home.