A. E. Spiller is an engineer by training, a teacher by trade and an wanderer at heart. Her first experience sailing was on a small boat off the Atlantic coast of France in the legendary Vendee region- home to the Vendee Globe. She was introduced to offshore racing while at Texas A&M, where she soon worked her way up to student skipper.

Crossing the Atlantic over 40 times by plane and the Gulf of Mexico twice by sailboat, she knows a thing or two about travel and adventure.

Away Away is her first foray into the world of writing novels. In it, she weaves a tale of conspiracy theories and narrow escapes while interlacing humor and a sense of playfulness that keeps readers entertained and hungry for more.

If you are looking for another story about zombies or vampires, this is not your book. If you are ready for a fresh new take on adventure, you’ve come to the right place.